SBarrettConsulting was founded in the South-West (UK) by Sarah Barrett to provide value-adding leadership, management & strategic support for individuals and organisations to create opportunities for success.


Sarah’s aim is to enable the best possible results for you and your organisation, in the most time-efficient way, adding value over both short and longer timeframes.  Everything is tailored individually to meet your specific needs. All support is based on sound, proven leadership & performance approaches, blended with real-world experience.


  • Straight forward & directly relevant to you – ensures maximum value potential
  • Clear vision & goals agreed – establishes clarity for all
  • Scoping discussion (with option to utilise cost-effective diagnostic tool with Teams & Organisations) – time and resource efficient analysis
  • Initial focus on top 2-3 priority areas – secures effort in areas of greatest potential benefit
  • With Teams & Organisations – Collective workshop style with visual, practical and participative elements – engages everyone
  • Time efficient sessions of 1-2 hours max for one-to-ones, and 2-3 hours max for Teams & Organisations – maintains energy and effectiveness

Output & Follow-up

  • Clear, agreed output with action plan – delivers shared ownership with individual contributions
  • Commitment for follow-up schedule – sets path for continued motivation & momentum
  • Review & evaluation – demonstrates benefits & value

 Contact Sarah for more information.